Checkle vs SinglePlatform

Comparison chart: Checkle vs SinglePlatform

Monthly fee per location
Free, $16, $42, $50
Read and respond in one place
Gain more 5-star reviews
AI-driven customer opinion analytics
Reviews Campaign
Supports all major platforms
Biz Sync
Keep hours up to date
Push menu updates
Syncs with 50+ platforms
Daily QA Check
Number of menus
Customized menu embed on website
Feature Happy Hours
Chat Support
Priority Support
Free Forever
Sign Up
per month (paid yearly)
Buy Plan
per month (paid yearly)
Buy Plan
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Comparison details: Checkle vs SinglePlatform


Monthly fee per location

At Checkle, it's easy to get started and you'll get a free trial of our Complete plan for 14-days. After the trial, you can still use the product on our Free plan if it suits your needs. Monthly fees per location are straightforward, starting at $16 per month for our Reviews plan. Learn more about our product plans.

SinglePlatform requires you to schedule a demo to get access to your account. Monthly cost fluctuates depending on features added.

Get Started For Free

Review Management

Aggregated Reviews Feed

Checkle offers a clean, customizable review feed that allows you to quickly read and respond to reviews across multiple online platforms. Filter by ratings, platform, location, and timeframe.

SinglePlatform also offers a review feed with filters for rating, platform, and timeframe.

Review Response Template

With Checkle, you can quickly respond to positive and negative reviews using our review response templates covering a variety of review cases such as rating only, positive review, negative review, and more. After selecting the template, you can also edit the message to fit the review if needed.

SinglePlatform does not support this feature.

New Review Email Alerts

Checkle alerts you of new reviews for your businesses via email alerts. We support instant email alerts for Facebook and Google. Also you'll get daily, weekly, or monthly review summary emails that support all review platforms.

SinglePlatform does not support instant email alerts from Facebook and Google, but does send daily review summary emails for new reviews.

Get More Reviews

Checkle will work with your restaurant or bar to generate more 5-star reviews for your business. We'll help you create a QR Code template that when scanned with open up and allow users to review you on their platform of choice (Facebook, Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor). During our initial testing for this feature, we were able to help a restaurant get 130 5-star reviews in just 5 days time.

SinglePlatform does not support this feature.

Review Analytics

Checkle provides review analytics on your businesses's average rating, total number of review, review response rate, and review response time over selected time periods (Last 30 Days, Last 6 months, Last Year, Last 2 Years, and All Time). We also show a breakdown of reviews by rating and platform to see where reviews are coming from.

SinglePlatform offers analytics on your business’s average rating and the total number of reviews. They also offer breakdown of reviews by rating and platform.

Customer Service

Support Team

All of Checkle's products come with the full support from our team, available via phone, email, and chat Monday through Friday.

SinglePlatform products are supported by an online FAQ and phone support.