About Us

We’re a small team doing big things.
We work hard and play even harder.

At Checkle, we love restaurants and bars. We wanted a way to help these businesses market themselves and run their business more effectively.

We've recently developed a system where restaurants can easily upload their menus and get a QR code in the wake of COVID-19. You also get a unique link which you can use in your Google, Facebook, or Yelp account. When you update your menu, it updates across all the platforms you've used your link.

Restaurants can also add their happy hours / food specials to their menu page which links to our mobile app for consumers (Checkle).

Meet the Checkle team.

Cole Rickles
Cole is the Founder and CEO at Checkle. He loves talking to customers and getting stuff done.
Scott Vance
Scott is our CTO and designer at Checkle. He designs <body> with <style>.
Anthony Bucco
Anthony is one of our Junior Developers at Checkle. He writes code and chews bubble gum.
Ashley McCarley
Ashley is a pun enthusiast who does marketing and content creation at Checkle.
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