Connecting Your Review Sources

With Checkle, restaurant decision-makers can add customer reviews from up to 13 different sources into a single Review Feed (Google, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, Foursquare, Yellow Pages, Zomato, BBB, Expedia,,, and Agoda), using the sources’ respective developer interfaces to sync with each of them.

Our Basic package offers reviews from Google, Facebook, and Yelp; if you use the Premium package, all the other sites are available. Considering that restaurants get reviews from a large amount of these sites, you can see how consolidating them makes it easier to manage reviews, instead of accessing each one separately.

Here’s how you reach your sources page:

1. From your Checkle for Business dashboard, click on the Reviews panel in the sidebar.
2. From the Reviews panel, click the Sources tab. Due to extended functionality on Google and Facebook (real-time review email notifications, responding to reviews, and getting historical review data), these sources are connected somewhat differently than the rest. Since Checkle will request information from your profiles, you must give permission for us to do so. These two sources require you have access to your venue’s Google My Business and Facebook pages.

Here’s some help to understand how to access your profiles on those sites:

Google My Business:

Once you gain access to these pages, you now have the ability to set permissions for them.

How to connect Google my Business:

1. Click the Connect button under Google My Business.
2. Select the Google account you use to manage your listing.

3. The screen shown will ask if you allow Checkle to perform the listed operations on your listing.

4. Select the specific venue you want Checkle to operate on.

How to connect Facebook:

1. Click the Connect button under Facebook.
2. Continue as the profile which manages your Facebook business page.

3. Select the business page you would like Checkle to collect from.

4. Select the permissions you give to Checkle for your business page (we suggest all of them)

5. After connecting, select the specific venue you want Checkle to operate on.

Other Review Sources

For the other review sources, connecting is very simple: find the URL which shows your business’ reviews, copy it, click Add URL under the desired source, then paste it in the text field.

Make sure that the domain name for the URL matches the name of the review source; you can always contact the Check staff directly for any help you may need.

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